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    Have you ever wondered which way would be the best one to learn a
    language most efficiently while enjoying it at the same time ? Yes there
    are numerous apps promising miracles. There are numerous online courses
    as well as thousands of teaching books and audio cd’s, dvd’s. There are
    also different approaches and teaching methods just like there are
    different language schools and teachers.

    The more you can surround yourself with that language the better. Having
    German speaking colleagues, friends or even partners would also be an

    No one really wants to learn a language as they did back in school when
    it wasn’t a free choice but a necessity.

    Joining a language school to learn a language is one way and not a bad
    one. With this in mind, the extent of time, effort and money invested
    should also be weighed up. Booking a course but only attending 75% of
    its classes or perhaps not being able to do homework would slow the
    learning process considerably. Being in a class of 20 students rather
    than perhaps 5 would also have an impact and having a not fully
    committed or non caring teacher can also quickly take away any motivation.

    A language really is more than just a language. It is a culture, a
    mentality embedded in history. It is useful in more than one way
    (travel, business) and it can be for life.

    What is your experience ? How did you learn German (or any other
    language) and how did you keep it up, refreshed it and what were the
    obstacles but also rewards ? We’d like to know.

    We certainly believe that learning in small and familiar groups helps as
    well as having a social atmosphere in the classroom.  Too much of a
    comfort zone like very long courses multiple times per week and an equal
    financial investment can also be misleading, hence shorter more compact
    courses we find more ‘effizient’.

    Let the students speak, you ! : )

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