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    The Irish person who is always humorous, always relaxed, always drinking, always disorganised, always late. The German person who is always on time, always organised, always going down into the cellar to have a laught but never in public, always stressed, always following all the rules etc. Why do stereotypes exist? It is only when we meet people of other nationalities and cultures that we realise that we all have so much in common and that for example perhaps in every German person there is an Irish soul and in every Irish person a German spirit. This me course can be applied to anyone anywhere. Being prejudice really restricts us and often closes and locks gates which would otherwise broaden our minds and horizon. We may get 3 nonstop weeks of lovely blue sky and pleasantly warm summer weather here in Ireland but it only takes a couple of days of bad weather or even just one in order for people to forget about what they took for granted the previous three weeks. Taking things for granted like good health, good weather, a job etc etc is a big problem and it is only when this change for the worse that we realise how good we had it before. So perhaps appreciating the goods in the present makes life better.

    Food for thought everyone?

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